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The page you just left is not an "official" town page. Virtual Vermont Internet Magazine is a privately owned, advertising-supported internet gateway, presenting a similar page for every town and city in Vermont, as well as for several significant villages. If the town or city has an official page, there is a link under "Contents" (use your browser's "Back" button).

Virtual Vermont is based in St. Albans Town, about 14 miles south of the Canadian border on Lake Champlain. We have personally visited 242 of Vermont's 251 cities and towns, and have more than a passing familiarity with many of them, but we do not have any official connection to any, nor do we necessarily know anyone living or working there. We will however, try to come up with an answer to your question or at least get you moving the right direction.

Official business: property, marriage, birth or death records are public information. Contact the Town or City Clerk where the property is located or where the life event took place, whose address and phone number are under "Contact Info" on the respective town page. Not all clerks have email and even fewer actually use it, but if I have the email address you want, I'll send it to you on request. In all honesty, with few exceptions, you're probably better off using the phone or snail mail.

Events: go back to the Town Page and look under "Activites" for the link to our Calendar of Events, or just go here. If the event is not listed, we have no information about it.

Maps and driving directions: there's a link under "Contents" which will result in a map with a pointer indicating the location of the town, and a feature for obtaining driving directions and distances. The route may not always be the best (feel free to ask).

Printed Tourism Information: call or click: 1-800-VERMONT.

Looking for a particular business? They're not listed in the Magazine because they don't pay us to advertise. For a website, try the obvious (e.g., or a specific name search at Google (we suggest you search for what you want, not where you think it is). For phone numbers, try Super Pages or The Yellow Pages. The Super Pages also work well for individuals.

Real Estate and Rentals: you can locate a nearby realtor through such as Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and ReMax. These are also good sources of relocation information.

Genealogical and other Historical Research: try these, as well as the Town or City Clerk:

You may also want to post a question on our Forum.

If none of the above helps, you're welcome to ask. I have been informed that some visitors have had trouble sending a message from this page. If you get an error, please email me directly.



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