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Mill Tunbridge
(a/k/a Spring Road, Hayward, Noble)
Daniels Construction, 2000

Multiple Kingpost, 60', spanning First Branch White River on Spring Road in Tunbridge village, west off Route 110.

On March 4, 1999, the original bridge, built in 1883 by A.C.Adams, was wrenched from its abutments by an ice jam.

The bridge resting on top of the ice, it was believed that the structure could be rescued. Robert Childs, a local construction expert, devised a plan, and Tunbridge selectmen gave their approval to begin the operation. Before the necessary equipment and materials could be assembled, the ice shifted and the bridge was lost on March 5.

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Mill covered bridge, Tunbridge, Vermont
The new bridge (Photo ©Dave MacKenzie)

Mill covered bridge, Tunbridge, Vermont
Under construction. Steel beams were used to support the bridge as it was drawn across the river by oxen, then removed. (Photo ©Dave MacKenzie)

Mill covered bridge, Tunbridge, Vermont
The original bridge (Photo ©Dave MacKenzie)

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