Who is this guy, anyway?

Jim Bennett was born and raised in Windsor during the zenith of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. He survived DDT, lead paint, mercurated fish and asbestos in reasonable fashion. He now maintains his blood toxicity mainly through smoking. There just aren't enough environmental carcinogens anymore.

After meandering through the 1970's, he exchanged surrealities and entered economic exile in the U.S. Navy as an intelligence analyst. He maintained a strange symbiosis with the Navy, juxtaposing former hippie free-thinking against the haze grey Republican rigidity of that institution for twenty years. He retired in 2001, somewhat exhausted and battling the natural tendency toward conservatism in middle age.

As a Vermonter-At-Large, he has lived in Italy, Spain, England, Scotland and Washington, DC, but is now happily re-domiciled with his two daughters in Windsor. He is an independent writing and information consultant, whatever that means.

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March 21, 2009